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Gestalt Therapy
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Where are you at right now?

In our current quality of time, more and more people are looking for support. The outside is characterized by constant crises and so the only way to bring peace is to go inside. Finding it - that's my job. I'm happy to accompany you.

Gestalt Therapy

„Lose your mind and come to your senses.“ - Fritz Perls

Gestalt - 1 on 1

In individual sessions we devote ourselves entirely to your personal challenges. True to the motto "Awareness", we work on difficulties and life issues in the here and now and include all senses and perceptions.

Gestalt - Group

Experience shape in a group dynamic? We regularly offer interested parties the opportunity to write about a specific topic such as "Partnership", "Spirituality" or "Trauma" to visit self-awareness groups. Sometimes it's easier together.

Astrosophical Counseling

The view of the night sky is peaceful, fascinating and opens up new worlds. For millennia, people have looked to the stars for guidance and turned to astrologers. In an initial consultation of your birth chart or more in-depth analyzes of individual stages of life, you have come to the right place!


References of my clients

These words give my work its meaning.
I am deeply indebted to these voices and people.

Herz und Verstand - Tatjana Schneidenbach


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